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Marian Schembari


Marian Schembari is a blogger, traveler (hails from Connecticut and based in New Zealand by way of London) and social media strategist for a rad agency in Auckland. She also runs the site, where she cuts through the BS on social media, travel, and growing up Gen Y. Marian has been featured in Real Simple magazine, TIME, Copyblogger and ABC News, as well as was named one of Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter or via her blog.

Posts by this author

networking tips

Live in San Francisco? Don’t Miss These 10 Hot Networking Events

By | 1 Comment | May 7, 2014

We’re bringing our networking series to San Francisco! Here are 10 fun events in the city that will help you meet interesting new people who share your interests. Read »

study group

Ace the GMAT: 5 Ways to Increase Your Score That No Counselor Will Tell You

By | 1 Comment | March 25, 2014

Really want to rock the GMAT this year? Here are five effective ways to tackle the test you probably haven’t tried yet (and they might even be fun). Read »

lessons, first job, first job out of college, what you'll learn, professionalism, learn from failing, your future, career goals, career plans

4 Organizational Job-Hunting Tricks You Haven’t Tried

By | 10 Comments | January 10, 2014

Transform your job search with these tech-savvy organizational tips. Read »

Image: Social recruiting

Think You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Media Manager?

By | 10 Comments | October 30, 2012

You’ve gotta do more than play on Facebook all day to be a social media manager. Here’s what to expect. Read »

coffee with coworkers

How To Network Your Way Into a Job Without Looking Desperate

By | 41 Comments | October 15, 2012

You know by now that networking is the only real way into your dream job. But are you doing it right? Read »


How Neglecting Your Blog Can Help You Accomplish Big Dreams

By | 5 Comments | September 5, 2012

We’re told never to stop blogging once we start, but sometimes a hiatus is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Read »

Find a job

Why You Still Don’t Have a Job

By | 12 Comments | June 14, 2012

Before you complain to me or your mom or anyone else, you’d better have done everything in your power to secure a job. Read »

fear after graduation

The 7 Unexpected Stages of College Graduation

By | 12 Comments | May 21, 2012

Not sure what you’re in for post-university? We’ll help you know what to expect. Read »

college graduation

5 Life-Changing Courses All Universities Should Teach

By | 12 Comments | May 7, 2012

Here’s a sample course catalogue that would make our first few years in the real world far more enjoyable. Read »


Should You Really Make Your Resume All Pretty and Fancy?

By | 10 Comments | April 26, 2012

Should you pay for a professionally designed resume? Or go the traditional, clean-cut route? Read »

using mobile phone

8 Ways to Use Evernote to Rock Your Career

By | 24 Comments | April 16, 2012

This one tool can help you manage projects, grow you network and feel inspired. Read »

coffee with coworkers

5 Ideas for a More Creative and Fun Work Environment

By | 15 Comments | April 2, 2012

Even if you aren’t in love with your coworkers, your team can make a few tweaks to develop a stronger office culture. Read »

help yourself before you ask for a favor

Before Asking for Favors, Puh-Lease Help Yourself

By | 8 Comments | March 14, 2012

Ever been asked for a favor — only to realize the person hasn’t taken the first steps themselves? Yeah, don’t be that person. Read »


First Job Tales from Your Favorite Career Bloggers

By | 5 Comments | February 29, 2012

The great thing about first jobs is that no matter what you do or how it influences your career, it always teaches you something. Read »