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Freelancing Archives - Brazen Life

Curriculum vitae

How Freelancing Can Easily Improve Your Resume

By | 4 Comments | January 22, 2015

Does your resume have room for improvement? Here’s how you can stand out when applying for internships and jobs — and make a little cash. Read »

network at your fingertips

How to Start a Successful Freelance Career by Using Your Networks

By | 3 Comments | November 3, 2014

If you’re ready to skip gleefully out the office door and into your new freelancing career, be sure to read this post first. Read »

freelance jobs

Last Year of College? Forget the Job Hunt and Start Freelancing Instead

By | 8 Comments | September 15, 2014

Want to bring in cash during your job hunt and build up your resume? Then it’s time to launch your freelance hustle before you graduate. Read »

throwing away job

Got Bad Clients? Here’s Why You Should Fire Them Now

By | 3 Comments | April 30, 2014

Bad clients suck the life from you and your business. If it’s time to let them go, here’s what you need to do. Read »


5 Ways to Build Your Credibility as a Freelancer (and Make More Money!)

By | 13 Comments | April 15, 2014

Building a successful freelance career starts with one thing: Landing clients. Here’s how to land those first clients even when you don’t have much experience. Read »

confident young business woman

Snag Quality Freelance Gigs By Presenting a Professional Face

By | No Comments | March 18, 2014

Appearances matter. If you want a freelancing career, step up and start acting the part. Here’s how. Read »

business ladder

Full-Time Freelancing Could Cost You: What to Know Before Leaping

By | 1 Comment | March 5, 2014

Before you quit your job, make sure you’re ready to handle the financial burden of freelancing. This checklist can help. Read »

help wanted sign

Don’t Be Deceived By These 6 Freelance Job Post Scams

By | 12 Comments | December 11, 2013

You’ll never make money freelancing if you’re applying for the wrong jobs. Steer clear of these freelance job postings so you can get paid what you’re worth. Read »


Want to Quit Your Job and Work for Yourself? Follow These Steps First

By | 7 Comments | November 19, 2013

Making the leap to entrepreneur or consultant is always scary, but planning now will prepare you for the unexpected later. Read »

angry phone call

5 Tips for Freelancers on Dealing with Difficult Clients

By | 4 Comments | August 1, 2013

Even those living the work-for-yourself dream have to deal with difficult coworkers from time to time: their clients. Here’s how to handle common client challenges. Read »

woman working outdoors on laptop

5 Big, Brave Choices to Lead You to Successful Self-Employment

By | 7 Comments | July 16, 2013

Being self-employed doesn’t have to be a “maybe someday” goal. It can be a realistic one, especially if you do this. Read »

breaking up

5 Steps for Breaking Up with Your Worst Freelance Client

By | 8 Comments | July 3, 2013

Ending a relationship with a terrible client doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to call it quits with class. Read »

jumping between two rocks

3 Smart Ways to Prepare for Your Leap to Full-Time Freelancer

By | 3 Comments | July 2, 2013

Being your own boss certainly has its ups, but you also need to prepare for the downs. If you know what to expect, you’ll be better off once you go out on your own. Read »

man choosing Facebook like button

What Freelancers Can Learn from Facebook About How to Earn More Money

By | 1 Comment | June 21, 2013

One of Facebook’s main practices is the key to your success. The other will likely lead to your demise. Read »