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girl with thought bubble

How to Accept a Job Offer: 5 Crucial Steps Before Saying Yes

By | 3 Comments | July 24, 2014

When someone offers you a job, don’t answer right away. Take these five steps before you make a commitment. Read »

confident young business woman

How to Find a New Career: Avoid These 5 Mental Traps

By | 1 Comment | July 23, 2014

Ask yourself: If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do with your career? That’s a good start, but it’s not everything. Read »


How to Answer the 5 Toughest Interview Questions with Confidence

By | 1 Comment | July 22, 2014

Keep stumbling over tough interview questions? Here’s what you need to know to answer them with confidence — and get the job. Read »

Interviewer asking a question

3 Tough Job Interview Situations and How to Handle Them

By | 4 Comments | July 7, 2014

Closing a business deal is a lot like nailing a job interview: how you communicate matters. Here’s how to be translate your skills. Read »

working at the beach

5 Tricks for Turning Your Summer Internship or Temp Job into a Full-Time Job

By | 8 Comments | July 2, 2014

Your temp job or internship can help you with your long-term career goals — as long as you show up with the right attitude and play your cards rights. Read »

Search for skills, not a job

Why You Should Stop Looking for a Job, and Improve Your Skills Instead

By | 5 Comments | June 25, 2014

Learn to look at your resume and your career the way employers do and you’ll start positioning yourself for better opportunities. Read »

interview questions

2 Questions You Should Ask Before Leaving Your Job Interview

By | 2 Comments | June 25, 2014

What you say in your job interview could be the difference between getting the job or not. Here’s what you need to say to snag the job. Read »

Group of happy people around laptop

3 Reasons Having a Professional Website Will Land You Your Next Job

By | 4 Comments | June 24, 2014

Websites aren’t just useful for businesses to attract clients. Having a website can help you get a job too, whether you’re a freelancer or traditional employee. Read »

how to manage your first intern

You Won’t Believe the Theme of This Coworking Space

By | 2 Comments | June 19, 2014

Denver’s Green Labs is no ordinary coworking space. Read on to find out what makes it unique. (Hint: It’s spelled W-E-E-D.) Read »

resume in typewriter

How to Write a Resume: A Totally New Approach That Will Get You Hired

By | 5 Comments | June 17, 2014

The idea of a dream job can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? Follow these tips to figure out where you’d be happiest, then land your dream job faster than ever. Read »

Cover letter mistakes

6 Things Your Cover Letter Should Never Say (But Probably Does)

By | 7 Comments | June 16, 2014

Your cover letter could be the secret password to landing an interview. But if you’re making these mistakes, you’ll never get your foot in the door. Read »

Follow up your interview with a short thank you

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Letter After Your Job Interview

By | 2 Comments | June 12, 2014

A quality thank you letter can be the key to making a lasting impression after an interview. Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) include in your next letter. Read »

Ace your interview

How to Overcome a Less-Than-Stellar Resume and Still Nail the Job Interview

By | 2 Comments | June 10, 2014

If your resume is less than stellar, it doesn’t have to be a liability. Here’s what you need to do ace your job interview. Read »

Seattle networking events

Want to Work for a Startup in Seattle? Check Out These Networking Events

By | 1 Comment | June 9, 2014

From a 54-hour frenzy to a coffeehouse chat, Seattle makes it easy to make connections in the startup world. Read »