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Networking Archives - Brazen Life

beautiful woman doing job hunting at home

Looking For a Job? 5 Things You Need To Know About Yourself First

By | No Comments | January 26, 2015

How much do you know about your personality? What you know about who you are and how you operate affects your job search — here’s how. Read »


7 Quick Social Media Tips to Boost Your Job Search

By | 4 Comments | January 19, 2015

Looking for a job? Take a moment to explore your online profiles and optimize your presence so your digital footprint works for you, not against you. Read »


Leaving Your Job? How to Decide Who Owns Your Business Contacts

By | 2 Comments | January 16, 2015

Your contact list is a big part of business. But when you leave your job, who owns the list: you or the company? It’s not as clear cut as you may think. Read »


14 Must-Attend Phoenix Networking Events to Accelerate Your Career

By | No Comments | January 12, 2015

Living and working in Phoenix? Add these networking events to your calendar to get further in your career. Read »


Top 10 Networking Events in St. Louis to Help Boost Your Career

By | 7 Comments | January 8, 2015

Connect with professionals just like you in St. Louis – or venture out and try networking with a completely different group! Read »


5 Secrets for Effective Networking at Your Next Conference

By | 2 Comments | December 17, 2014

How to make the most of an industry conference for your career and your company in five easy steps. Read »


Surprising Ways to Make a Good Impression This Holiday Season

By | 1 Comment | December 11, 2014

Hoping to impress coworkers and family during this season’s endless holiday parties? Learn these tricks, and you’ll be everyone’s new bff. Read »


12 Networking Events in Denver That Will Get You Excited About Your Career

By | 2 Comments | November 3, 2014

No matter what your interests or professional goals, you’ll find a Denver networking event to match. Read »

network at your fingertips

How to Start a Successful Freelance Career by Using Your Networks

By | 3 Comments | November 3, 2014

If you’re ready to skip gleefully out the office door and into your new freelancing career, be sure to read this post first. Read »


Networking in Portland: 7 Events to Expand Your Professional Circle

By | 3 Comments | October 30, 2014

In Portland, Ore. and looking to network with other young professionals? Here are seven events you’ll want to add to your calendar. Read »

coffee chat

Smart Networking for MBA Students: How to Schmooze Your Way to Success

By | 2 Comments | October 23, 2014

Making the most of business school is about meeting the right people. Learn how to strategically build your network as an MBA student. Read »


9 Networking Events in Austin You Won’t Want to Miss

By | 2 Comments | October 22, 2014

Live in Austin, Texas? Expand your professional and social circles with these networking opportunities. Who knows, you might find your next boss – or maybe just a new best friend! Read »

Next Time You Meet Someone New, Try Asking These Questions

How To Build a Strong Network By Connecting With Total Strangers

By | 4 Comments | October 16, 2014

Stop making rookie networking mistakes and get smarter about growing your network. Learn how to reach out to people you don’t even know and convince them to help you. Read »


Networking in Chicago: 7 Must-Attend Events for Creative Entrepreneurs

By | 6 Comments | October 15, 2014

Tap into Chicago’s entrepreneurial scene and meet other go-getters and creatives at these Windy City events and spaces. Read »