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How Hard Rock Cafe Hired 120 People in 30 Days Using Facebook

By | No Comments | October 23, 2014

If you’re trying to find the next big thing in recruiting, stop; the solution is right at your fingertips. Need proof? It’s how Hard Rock was able to hire 120 people in 30 days. Read »

Female Woman Sitting At Interview

5 Ways Millennials Can Nail Their Next Job Interview

By | 6 Comments | October 21, 2014

An employee whose company has a selective interview process shares his best tips for hopeful job applicants. Read »

how to manage your first intern

Hiring Millennials: 6 Tips for Recruiting the Best Young Talent

By | 1 Comment | September 30, 2014

If you want to diversify your team by hiring more millennials, here’s how to find the best candidates. Read »


2 Million People Apply to Work at Google Each Year. Here’s Why

By | No Comments | September 11, 2014

It’s harder to get a job at Google than it is to get into Harvard. In this post, we reveal what makes it so attractive — and how you can apply the recruiting strategies to your own company. Read »

Tinder app for recruiters

Want to Find Your Perfect Hire? This New Recruiting App is Like Tinder for Jobs

By | 1 Comment | September 4, 2014

Hey recruiters, it’s time to take a cue from online dating. This new app will help you swipe your way to the perfect hire. Read »

Business woman shaking hands in meeting

Smart Hiring for Your Small Business: 7 Ways to Find the Right People

By | 1 Comment | August 26, 2014

Hiring someone new for your small business? Use these strategies to find — and hire — the best person for the position. Read »

The Fool Rules

How One Company is Using Its Employee Handbook as a Recruiting Tool

By | 4 Comments | August 21, 2014

This company’s employee handbook is so good that it’s even been touted as a recruiting tool. Read on to see what sets it apart. Read »

Modern recruiting methods

7 Innovative Ways Recruiters are Attracting Top Talent

By | 2 Comments | August 12, 2014

Gone are the days of stiff cover letters and awkward interviews. If you want to be at the top of your recruiting game, try these seven new techniques. Read »

boss talking to employee

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in New Recruiting Technology

By | 1 Comment | July 30, 2014

Is your company ready for new recruiting technology? Here are a few tactics you can use to get the executives on board — and willing to foot the bill. Read »


What Big Data Could Mean for the Future of Recruiting

By | 2 Comments | July 24, 2014

Big data is transforming our lives in a lot of ways, and now it’s moving on to HR. Does this mean our current recruiting methods will soon become obsolete? Read »

Zappos has a new hiring process

How One Company’s Decision to Eliminate Job Postings Could Affect Recruiting

By | 5 Comments | July 3, 2014

One online retail giant is getting rid of job postings. Could their new way of recruiting work for your company? Read »

Business that changes the world

How to Attract Top Talent: 10 Companies Job Seekers are Dying to Work For

By | 5 Comments | June 20, 2014

Which companies do top professionals want to work for? LinkedIn’s annual ranking tells all, including how these employers manage to attract the best workers. Read »

buried under paperwork

Find Quality Job Applicants: Use This Simple Trick to Make Sure They Really Want the Job

By | 2 Comments | June 3, 2014

Bestselling author Ramit Sethi uses a surprising method to recruit quality employees. Could it work for you? Read »

be your own boss

4 Must-Read Hiring Tips for Newbie Bosses

By | 5 Comments | June 3, 2014

Being able to hire an employee is an entrepreneurial milestone. But before you celebrate, make sure you’re hiring right. Read »