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Lisa Rowan


Lisa Rowan is a freelance social media consultant who works with nonprofits and small businesses. She also owns her own small business, Quarter Life, an online and pop-up vintage shop.

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Here’s How Long It Really Takes Employers to Fill Open Positions

By | No Comments | January 26, 2015

Feel like you’re waiting forever for a call-back from your dream job? Here’s how long most companies take to fill open positions. Read »

Boston networking events

Networking Events in Boston: 8 Fun Ways to Widen Your Professional Circle

By | 2 Comments | August 18, 2014

Boston’s a new hip hub for tech, but offers networking opportunities for a variety of professions and interests. Read »

Find networking events in Cleveland.

Networking Events in Cleveland: 6 Groups Worth Checking Out

By | 1 Comment | July 14, 2014

Cleveland’s startup scene is growing, and young professionals can make valuable career moves in this lakefront city. Read »

Networking in Atlanta: 7 Opportunities to Meet Interesting Professionals

Networking in Atlanta: 7 Opportunities to Meet Interesting Professionals

By | 1 Comment | June 4, 2014

Next up in our networking series: Atlanta! This city is hot… for networking. Read »

GenY workers

Manage GenY Employees? Here’s What They Want From You

By | 5 Comments | May 28, 2014

New grads expect — and want — job training. Here are three ways you can help them grow in their first real-world jobs. Read »

bored worker

Protect Your Precious Time by Fighting Meeting Creep

By | No Comments | March 10, 2014

Tired of dealing with meeting creep and people who don’t respect your time? Fight back. Read »

Networking Events-February 2014

Networking in Houston: 8 Events You’ll Be Glad You Attended

By | No Comments | February 13, 2014

Want to meet people in Houston, Texas? Here’s a list of some of the city’s best networking events. Read »

Networking Events-February 2014

9 Fabulous Networking Events in New York City

By | 2 Comments | February 6, 2014

Want to meet people in New York City? Here’s a list of some of the city’s best networking events. Read »

bored worker

4 Invigorating Ways to Make the Most of Slow Freelance Periods

By | 4 Comments | January 28, 2013

Every freelancer experiences times when work is scarce. Rather than sulking or surfing the ‘net, fill your time wisely with these ideas. Read »

crazy guy working in middle of street

5 Essentials for Boosting Your Freelance Productivity

By | 5 Comments | January 14, 2013

Feel overwhelmed by your freelance work? Here’s how to take control of your work-at-home schedule. Read »