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Pros and Cons of Going from “Yes, Boss” to Being the Boss

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businessman leading a team

The desire to follow your passion and do what you love often leads many professionals to branching off and becoming entrepreneurs at some point in their career. While being self-employed is the ultimate goal for many professionals, there are lots of pros and cons that come along with the risk of building your own brand and below are some of the changes, both good and bad, that you should expect to occur.

Ability to do what you love full time: The main reason a lot of professionals leave their traditional, supervised job to work for themselves is because they want to devote more time to doing what they love.

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  • Abie Smith
  • David Loker

    Great list of things to consider when going down the path of becoming an entrepreneur. I definitely think the freedom is worth it, myself, even if the risks and responsibilities are higher. Writing my own hours, and feeling more in charge of the income I generate is very empowering.

    I also love spending my time “working,” because it doesn’t feel like work most of the time. I feel like what I do matters: to me and to others. Thanks for the post!