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Stand Out Archives - Brazen Life


How Sparking New Conversations Can Ignite Change In Your Career

By | 2 Comments | December 2, 2014

Going nowhere in your career? Here’s how to start important conversations to get you moving — and open doors to new opportunities. Read »

Search for skills, not a job

How to Be More Competitive at Work: Master These 4 Skills

By | 2 Comments | November 20, 2014

What gives you the jitters at work? Tackling those fears might help you get ahead at your job. Read »


Learning From LeBron: What the NBA Star Can Teach You About Becoming an MVP At Work

By | 1 Comment | October 8, 2014

What the NBA’s top star can teach you about becoming an MVP at work. Read »

iphone6 copy

What the iPhone 6 Can Teach You About Standing Out at Work

By | 3 Comments | October 2, 2014

Love Apple and the iPhone? It’s more than an awesome smartphone — it can teach you how to stand out in your career, too. Read »

Declining a job offer

Why Declining a Job Offer Could Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

By | 4 Comments | August 14, 2014

When you’re desperate to switch jobs, you might be ready to jump at any offer. Here’s why you should hold out for something better. Read »

stand out from crowd-victory

5 Simple Ways to Get Noticed at Work

By | 2 Comments | August 6, 2014

Want to stand out — in a good way — at work? Here are a few easy ways to improve your performance. Read »

Stand out from the crowd

Overworked and Underappreciated at Work? Here’s Your Survival Guide

By | 2 Comments | July 1, 2014

If you feel overworked and underappreciated at your job, it’s time to do something about it. Here are a few tips — including when it’s right to quit. Read »

Business woman meets another colleague for the first time.

A Wacky Way to Remember Someone’s Name the First Time You Meet

By | 5 Comments | June 26, 2014

Is remembering people’s names a constant struggle? If you want to get ahead at work, you’re going to have to do it — and this simple trick might be the ticket. Read »

resume in typewriter

How to Write a Resume: A Totally New Approach That Will Get You Hired

By | 7 Comments | June 17, 2014

The idea of a dream job can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? Follow these tips to figure out where you’d be happiest, then land your dream job faster than ever. Read »

aggressive businessman

Feeling Stuck? Here are 9 Real Reasons You’re Not Getting Promoted

By | 5 Comments | May 21, 2014

Finding it hard to move up at work? Use these 9 steps to help you go the extra mile and land that promotion. Read »

stand out from crowd-victory

6 Ways to Differentiate Yourself and Build a Standout Career

By | 4 Comments | March 21, 2014

Competition is fierce. Differentiate yourself, no matter what field you work in, and find a formula for success. Read »

Stand out from the crowd

Want to Get Hired? Stop Fighting the Clone Wars and Show How You’re Different

By | 12 Comments | March 10, 2014

When you’re looking for a job, you’re competing against the clones — other candidates who all look the same on paper. Don’t be a clone. Stand out. Read »

presenting business card

Why Networking Doesn’t Work (and What You Should Do Instead)

By | 16 Comments | January 31, 2014

Instead of trying to “network” with people, try to find ways you can help them. You’d be surprised how much more effective this simple shift in mindset can be. Read »

thoughtful young business woman

Why You’re Brilliant and Probably Don’t Even Know It

By | 11 Comments | January 30, 2014

You are brilliant. Yes, you. Spot the signs that you possess powers far beyond the ordinary. Read »