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Productivity Archives - Brazen Life

buried under paperwork

Afraid to Delegate? How to Get Over It and Get More Work Done

By | No Comments | April 16, 2014

Done correctly, delegating can actually lower the risk in your business. Learn how to do it the right way with these tips. Read »


Too Many Meetings? How to Scale Back and Achieve More

By | No Comments | April 7, 2014

Stop all the pointless routine collaboration. If you want to achieve more at work, be deliberate and selective when you collaborate. Read »


10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Better at Multitasking

By | 1 Comment | April 2, 2014

As an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats. Learn how to multitask better with these great tips from top business leaders. Read »

tired in bed

Be More Productive on Monday — and the Rest of the Week, Too

By | 12 Comments | March 31, 2014

Tired of getting sucked into the black hole of Mondays? Here’s how to conquer the day — and set yourself up for a productive week. Read »

student asleep at computer

What Drives Us to Be Workaholics (Even If We Hate Our Jobs)

By | 3 Comments | January 30, 2014

Our collective drive to work harder and longer has serious consequences on our happiness (and health). But do you know why we work so hard? Read »

buried under paperwork

Wait, There’s a National Clean Off Your Desk Day?!

By | 1 Comment | January 24, 2014

A tidy workspace can do wonders for your productivity, peace of mind — and career. Read »

Clock, Just before deadline

A Productivity Hack That Will Help You Get More Done

By | 2 Comments | January 17, 2014

If you’re not planning your day out in advance, you’re not being nearly as productive as you could be. Use this method to maximize your time. Read »

lessons, first job, first job out of college, what you'll learn, professionalism, learn from failing, your future, career goals, career plans

4 Organizational Job-Hunting Tricks You Haven’t Tried

By | 9 Comments | January 10, 2014

Transform your job search with these tech-savvy organizational tips. Read »

worried at computer

The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Job Hunting

By | 4 Comments | November 25, 2013

Stuck in unemployment hell? You may be committing one — or all — of the seven deadly sins of online job hunting. Read »


4 Strategies for Cranking Up Your Productivity

By | 6 Comments | November 13, 2013

Feel like your hectic days never get you anywhere? Learn the productivity tips that top executives and millionaires use to get ahead. Read »

yoga pose-happiness

Top Performers: All Roads Lead to Mindfulness

By | 1 Comment | November 1, 2013

It IS possible to quiet our minds in today’s busy world and produce great work in the face of mounting stress. The key lies in your approach. Read »

Young South African woman overwhelmed by work, telephones and stress.

Could a Messy Desk Be Your Key to Success?

By | No Comments | October 3, 2013

Perhaps organization’s overrated? A recent study suggests that messy office spaces can actually spur innovation. Read »


4 Tips to Work from Home Like a Pro

By | 4 Comments | September 27, 2013

Staying on track in a home-based job can be challenging. These tips and tools will minimize distractions and maximize productivity. Read »

high school

Why You Should Structure Your Work Day on a High School Schedule

By | 6 Comments | September 18, 2013

College wired us to approach our days very differently than they are in corporate America. Practicing a high school schedule could improve your productivity–and happiness. Read »