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Negotiation Archives - Brazen Life

hands exchanging money

Asking for a Pay Raise? These Tips Will Help You Negotiate the Salary You Deserve

By | No Comments | April 16, 2014

Want a pay raise, but not sure how to approach it? Follow these steps to get paid what you’re worth. Read »

Hunger Games at the office

Here’s the Secret to Negotiating with the Opposite Sex

By | 1 Comment | April 9, 2014

Knowing the differences in how men and women approach negotiation is important for getting what you want. Understand the other party’s mindset, and you’ll be more effective. Read »

Public speaking

What 3 Great 20th Century Speeches Can Teach You About the Art of Persuasion

By | 2 Comments | November 15, 2013

Great speeches are great for a reason. Here’s what Kennedy, Churchill and King can show you about making the perfect pitch. Read »

Hunger Games at the office

Passion vs. Profit: Ladies, It’s Time to Get What You’re Worth Today

By | 3 Comments | October 4, 2013

How much of the salary gender gap is due to women failing to demand what they’re truly worth? Better question: how can we change that? Read »


Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Salary Negotiation

By | 2 Comments | August 29, 2013

If a company can’t match your salary requirements, you may not have to cut and run. You may be able to negotiate other benefits that would be equally rewarding. Read »

grow up

How to Convince People to Do Things They Absolutely Don’t Want to Do

By | 4 Comments | August 21, 2013

The art of persuasion might be more important than you think. Here’s how to convince your boss, colleagues or employees to get on your side. Read »

confident young business woman

Do You Know Your Worth?

By | 4 Comments | July 24, 2013

Why do women continue to sell themselves short? Three Brazen businesswomen demonstrate how to know your value and own it in the workplace. Read »

Stand out from the crowd

Better Ways to Look for a Job and Ask for a Raise

By | 6 Comments | June 18, 2013

Steer clear of popular-yet-ineffective job hunting tactics, and try these winning tactics instead. You’re more likely to land a better gig, faster. Read »

business man holding money

4 Salary Negotiation Tips That Will Help You Earn What You’re Really Worth

By | 9 Comments | February 12, 2013

Salary negotiation can be tricky, but it IS possible to get the paycheck you want—just follow these tried-and-true tactics. Read »

hotshot businessman with car

The $200K Test Drive: How to Frame Conversations to Make Things Go Your Way

By | 5 Comments | January 25, 2013

The basic concept is simple, but too few people use it to their advantage. Here’s how to make sure you get what you want the next time you have that next important conversation. Read »

man climbing stack of coins

6 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Negotiating Your Salary

By | 31 Comments | December 28, 2012

Feel like it’s time for a raise? Increase your chances of actually seeing that bump in salary by better understanding what you’re getting into. Read »

business man holding money

Your First Salary Offer Is a Bummer. Now What?

By | 4 Comments | November 5, 2012

Salary offer not what you expected? Here’s how to tell if you should resign yourself to more years of Ramen or fight back. Read »

pleading business woman

10 Terrible Ways to Ask for a Raise

By | 5 Comments | October 18, 2012

Think you deserve to make more money? What you learn here could save your paycheck. Read »

red carpet

Salary Negotiation Research: Nicki Minaj vs. Kim Kardashian

By | 8 Comments | October 3, 2012

Which website should you use to figure out the salary you should ask for at your next job? It depends—are you looking for a Nikk or a Kim? Read »