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Career Lessons Archives - Brazen Life

red tape-covered mouth

4 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Do — And You Shouldn’t, Either

By | 11 Comments | November 11, 2013

Hoping for a boss that takes you under her wing? While you can learn from what your boss does well, you can also learn from what she doesn’t do. Read »

looking for direction

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Career Transitions

By | 2 Comments | October 31, 2013

Reinventing yourself and your career isn’t easy. Here’s some (truly brazen) advice from someone who’s done it several times over the past 20 years. Read »

Breaking Bad

Brazen Career Lessons from Breaking Bad

By | 8 Comments | September 19, 2013

While Breaking Bad’s Walter White may not be the best role model, we can learn some boss career moves from his unlikely entrepreneurial journey. Read »

happy businessman smiling

Why How You Feel Is More Important Than What You Make

By | 20 Comments | September 13, 2013

Paychecks may be wonderful, but career fulfillment is more rewarding. Here are a few ways you can find a stronger connection to your career. Read »

girl with pink slip

Getting Fired Is Awesome: 5 Ways Job Loss Can Boost Your Career

By | 7 Comments | August 12, 2013

Get fired and bounce back like a boss. Read on and learn how losing your job can actually be a positive career step. Read »

superhero businessman

How to Transform Your Career Failures into Superhero-Sized Success

By | 10 Comments | July 30, 2013

Lessons you can learn from screenwriter, director and comic book author Joss Whedon and apply to your own career success. Read »

fish jumping to bigger bowl

Is It Better to be a Small Fish in a Big Pond or a Big Fish in a Small Pond?

By | No Comments | May 30, 2013

Each comes with its own special set of challenges. Neither should be eliminated because of your current level of comfort or confidence. Read »

young woman writing on board

25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25

By | 4 Comments | May 23, 2013

Your 20s are a hugely formative period of your career. Are you using them to your advantage? Read »

handwritten note

A Letter to My 20-Year-Old Careerist Self About What Really Matters

By | 15 Comments | March 13, 2013

In retrospect, it’s easy to see what we wish we’d known. But if you don’t yet have retrospect to guide you, here are a few life-changing tips to keep in mind. Read »

jumping man in suit

A Road Map for Turning Epic Failures into Future Success

By | 22 Comments | February 1, 2013

Ever failed so badly you didn’t want to leave your bed? Believe it or not, that could help you succeed in the long run. Read »

retro receptionist

5 Unexpected Workplace Lessons from Mad Men

By | 6 Comments | December 5, 2012

Can you really learn career lessons from the infamous Don Draper and crew? You bet! Read »

businessman with paper bag on head

Steer Clear of These 3 Career-Killing Mistakes

By | 2 Comments | November 14, 2012

We’ve all known that one coworker who drinks too much at a staff party. But these less obvious mistakes could be detrimental to your career, too. Read »

huddle business

Why Your First Job Out of College Doesn’t Matter—But the First Team You Work With Does

By | 2 Comments | August 28, 2012

What really matters early in your career? The people you work with. Read »

Leaving your job

4 Unexpected Lessons You’ll Learn From Changing Careers

By | 12 Comments | August 9, 2012

A career transition will teach you more about yourself than you expect—and it could happen sooner than you think. Read »