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Career Growth Archives - Brazen Life

thoughtful young business woman

How Your Emotions Can Help You Win at Work

By | 2 Comments | March 12, 2014

Your emotional intelligence can impact your career success and even your salary. Her are some ways you can boost your EQ. Read »


What Wall Street Can Teach You About Your Career

By | No Comments | February 11, 2014

Wall Street can teach you why it’s important to invest in yourself. We’ve got five ways to show you how. Read »

throwing away job

Why You Should Quit Your Job By Summer

By | 9 Comments | February 10, 2014

A better job is waiting for you. End the complacency and land something better. Here’s how. Read »

confident young business woman

4 Ways to Prove Yourself to Your Boss and Invest In Your Career

By | 5 Comments | January 10, 2014

Your big win at work should have earned you a promotion, but if that isn’t in the cards right now, try these strategies instead. Read »

Make money

Create the Success You Deserve By Knowing What You’re Worth

By | 8 Comments | November 26, 2013

Don’t let others define your worth. Learn how to package your value and potential so you can achieve the next rung in your career. Read »


Brace Yourselves, GenY: 25 Jobs in One Career is the New Norm

By | 3 Comments | November 12, 2013

The “average” career path is no longer lifetime employment. Read what candidates, recruiters and educators need to know about jobs in the new economy. Read »

Disagreement between two friends

5 Ways to Avoid Compare and Despair Syndrome

By | 5 Comments | September 18, 2013

When others seem to have everything you don’t, what do you do? Fight the jealousies with these positive steps to grow your own success. Read »

young business woman relaxing with hands behind head

The Young Professional’s Guide to Getting Ahead in Your Career

By | 10 Comments | September 3, 2013

The workplace has changed significantly, and it’s time to play by different rules. Here are five career secrets that’ll help you stand out. Read »

business trap

5 Hidden Traps of Transitioning into a New Leadership Role

By | No Comments | August 9, 2013

Ease the bumpiness of a transition to leadership by avoiding these five common traps BEFORE you fall into them. Read »

football fan

Career Training Camp: Are You Prepared for Your Next Season?

By | No Comments | July 26, 2013

As football players are in full swing at training camp, take these cues from the NFL to launch your own career boot camp. Read »

presenting business card

How to Establish Yourself as an Expert

By | 8 Comments | July 3, 2013

Want to be a go-to person for your special topic or industry? Here are some tips to help you get started. Read »

corporate ladder

Want More Career Responsibility? Here’s How To Get It

By | 4 Comments | June 25, 2013

Getting more career responsibility could be a conversation away—just follow these five rules. Read »

trash can over head

How to Move Up the Career Ladder Without Being a Brown-Noser

By | 1 Comment | June 24, 2013

How do you get where you want to be without alienating everyone around you in the process? Follow these tips. Read »

businesswoman covering mouth

5 Career Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself

By | 9 Comments | May 31, 2013

Are you limiting your career with negative self-talk? Make sure you’re not guilty of telling yourself these five career lies. Read »