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businesspeople interacting during conference coffee break

Smart Networking: Why You Should Get to Know This Person at the Office

By | 2 Comments | September 3, 2014

Being friends with the right people at work can open doors. So who’s the one person at work you should go out of your way to meet? Read »


Think Small: How Working for a Startup Can Pay Huge Career Dividends

By | 1 Comment | September 3, 2014

Global banks and gargantuan consulting firms are no longer the ticket to career success. Consider starting your career at a startup or a smaller company instead. Read »

screaming business woman

How to Give Quality Feedback When You’re a New Manager

By | 3 Comments | September 2, 2014

As a new manager, you might want to avoid giving constructive feedback right away. But that’s not the right approach. Here’s what you should do instead. Read »


Networking in San Diego: 8 Groups for Broadening Your Professional Network

By | No Comments | September 1, 2014

In San Diego? Check out these groups for awesome networking events near you. Read »

Color Email Square

Your Emails Suck. These 3 Rules Will Make Them Exponentially Better

By | 9 Comments | August 29, 2014

Not a fan of schmoozing at networking events? Learn how to write targeted emails to the right people, and you’ll grow your network exponentially. Read »

woman working outdoors on laptop

Email Tips: If You Want a Response, Never Start a Message Like This

By | 5 Comments | August 28, 2014

According to Business Insider, this is the worst way to start an email — and we agree! Read on to make sure you’re not committing this email faux-pas. Read »

Businessman Stretching Rubber Band

4 Insanely Flexible Jobs That Will Help You Escape Corporate America

By | 2 Comments | August 25, 2014

If you’re looking for a way out of your corporate job — but still want to make decent money — check out these jobs you can do from almost anywhere. Read »


Quitting Your Job? 5 Ways to Make Your Boss Beg You to Stay

By | 8 Comments | August 21, 2014

After quitting your job, you still might want to come back if the grass doesn’t turn out to be greener on the other side. Read »

smart phone apps

5 Awesome Smartphone Apps Every Young Professional Should Use

By | 4 Comments | August 19, 2014

Tend to use your smartphone for Words With Friends and Facebook messages? Here’s how you can use it to strengthen your career Read »

Boston networking events

Networking Events in Boston: 8 Fun Ways to Widen Your Professional Circle

By | No Comments | August 18, 2014

Boston’s a new hip hub for tech, but offers networking opportunities for a variety of professions and interests. Read »

Writing a letter

Why You Should Stop Emailing – and Write a Letter Instead

By | 2 Comments | August 18, 2014

When most people are typing emails or sending evites, pick up a pen and paper to write something people will actually remember. Read »

work life balance

Work-Life Balance is a Myth — Here’s What You Need Instead

By | 6 Comments | August 15, 2014

If you struggle to find balance between work and life, stop. You don’t need it. Here’s what you should do instead. Read »

Doodling and productivity

Could Doodling Make You More Productive?

By | No Comments | August 14, 2014

Do all of your napkins and notebooks have doodles on them? If so, be proud: new research shows that doodling might actually help you focus. Read »

Declining a job offer

Why Declining a Job Offer Could Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

By | 3 Comments | August 14, 2014

When you’re desperate to switch jobs, you might be ready to jump at any offer. Here’s why you should hold out for something better. Read »