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We’re Looking for Recruiters to Write for Our Blog

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Blog about recruiting

A few months ago, we announced a new section on our blog for recruiters. If you’re a regular reader, you might have noticed we publish these posts every Tuesday afternoon — and if you’ve missed them but want to have a look, here are all our posts for recruiters.

We’re now looking to amp up our coverage of this topic, so we’re actively seeking recruiters to write for us. If you’re a recruiter who would like to offer advice to your peers about industry trends, best practices, hacks for success or any other topics that will help recruiters do their job better, please get in touch!

Here are our guest post guidelines, which include the best way to contact us, as well as perks for contributing — new eyes on your site, respect from your peers, and possible syndication on our partner sites. In cases pre-arranged with our editor, we’re willing to pay for blog posts, too.

We look forward to hearing form you!

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    What I will be blogging from you?