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Personal Finance Archives - Brazen Life


5 Ways to Find Out If You’re Making Enough Money

By | 1 Comment | September 29, 2014

Are you making what you’re worth? Before you accept that raise or job offer, make sure you receive the salary you deserve. Here’s how. Read »


25 Ways to Improve Your Finances This Year

By | 1 Comment | January 16, 2014

If you’re looking to overhaul your finances in 2014, this collection of smart financial advice is a great first step. Read »

Man holding piggy bank

The Most Important Things Young Professionals Should Know About Personal Finance

By | 12 Comments | December 9, 2013

After you got out of college, you learned how to pay the bills on time and stay out of financial trouble. But how can ensure your financial success? Read »

using mobile phone

The 8 Most Useful Financial Apps

By | 5 Comments | February 20, 2013

There are so many apps to choose from to manage your finances. We’ve helped you by narrowing down the field. Read »

money on the beach

14 Must-Read Personal Finance Blogs for Young Professionals

By | 54 Comments | January 22, 2013

Overwhelmed with the number of blogs that are supposed to help you manage your money? We’ve culled the list for you. Read »

stressed out woman

Why It Pays to Remain Calm When You’re Under Financial Pressure

By | 7 Comments | December 27, 2012

Your bills will not disappear—at least not anytime soon. So here’s how to make good decisions even when you feel totally overwhelmed. Read »

time is money

3 Rarely-Used Features That Will Save You Time and Money

By | 16 Comments | November 8, 2012

Most young professionals only use’s most basic features, but here are a few money-saving ones you don’t want to miss. Read »

tips for building credit

The Top 5 Myths about Building Credit

By | No Comments | June 11, 2012

Think building credit isn’t that important? Think again. Read »

safe full of money

4 Smart Tax Moves Millennials Should Make Now

By | 1 Comment | May 2, 2012

Tax planning can be counter-intuitive. Sometimes the way to have more money in the bank in the long haul is to pay more now, rather than later. Read »

money tree

Personal Finance Advice with Money Crashers Editor Andrew Schrage

By | 4 Comments | December 16, 2011

As the new year approaches and the holiday season quickly passes, there’s no better time to think about your personal financial strategy. Read »


How Creative Types Can Rock Financial Planning

By | 5 Comments | November 15, 2011

Whether your focus is paying off debt or ramping up income, here are some money-management tips for right-brainers. Read »

Vintage Brazen Post

Personal Finance 101: What Should Be Taught In High School?

By | No Comments | May 13, 2009

Of all the things we’re taught in school, why are we not taught how to handle our personal finances? Take a tour of one author’s proposed Personal Finance 101 course. Read »