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Get Raise Archives - Brazen Life

business man holding money

Want to Make More Money? Follow These 5 Steps at Work

By | 3 Comments | July 18, 2013

Before you approach the nerve-wracking process of asking for a raise, take these steps—and you’ll be sure you get what you want. Read »

Stand out from the crowd

Better Ways to Look for a Job and Ask for a Raise

By | 8 Comments | June 18, 2013

Steer clear of popular-yet-ineffective job hunting tactics, and try these winning tactics instead. You’re more likely to land a better gig, faster. Read »

stack of coins

7 Steps to Landing the Perennial Raises You Deserve

By | 6 Comments | June 11, 2013

Hoping for a raise or promotion this year? Here’s how to make it a reality. Read »

hands exchanging money

How to Walk Into Your Boss’s Office With Confidence and Walk Out With a Raise

By | No Comments | March 18, 2013

Hoping for a raise, even though your organization doesn’t have the budget? Here’s how to tip the scales in your favor. Read »

man climbing stack of coins

6 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Negotiating Your Salary

By | 32 Comments | December 28, 2012

Feel like it’s time for a raise? Increase your chances of actually seeing that bump in salary by better understanding what you’re getting into. Read »

pleading business woman

10 Terrible Ways to Ask for a Raise

By | 5 Comments | October 18, 2012

Think you deserve to make more money? What you learn here could save your paycheck. Read »

business ladder

Your Raise Lies Outside Your Job Description

By | 10 Comments | September 29, 2011

At work, if you follow the rules you just get to play. Winning is an entirely different story. Read »

Vintage Brazen Post

4 Ways To Get A Raise (Without Asking)

By | No Comments | June 9, 2010

Rather than negotiating with your boss with fingers crossed, consider these ways of giving yourself a “self-raise.” Read »