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Fitness Archives - Brazen Life

Couple on roller blades

How to Fit in Time for Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

By | 1 Comment | December 13, 2013

Physical fitness leads to greater mental clarity and creativity. Here’s how to fit some exercise into even the craziest of schedules. Read »

yoga pose-happiness

Get Up, Stand Up: How to Fend Off Sitting Disease

By | No Comments | September 4, 2013

Our sedentary office lifestyle can wreak havoc on our health, our productivity—even our lifespans. Here’s how to fend off the effects of Sitting Disease. Read »


Career and Professional Development Links #BrazenStuff 8.5.11

By | 7 Comments | August 5, 2011

Our latest selection of must-see career content from around the web. Highlight this week: Donald Trump’s thoughts on what a messy desk means for business success. Read »

Measuring her weight

5 Unexpected Ways Losing 50lbs is Helping my Job Search

By | 17 Comments | August 4, 2011

It is well known that staying in shape can have great spillover effects at work. But this writer, a popular weight loss blogger, finds her fitness routine is helping in ways she never expected as she looks for a job. Read »

stress free

How to Manage the Stress of Early Success and Task-Overload

By | 17 Comments | July 13, 2011

Tips and advice from career rock stars who have found ways to keep their stress levels in check and enjoy life. Read »

woman working out

Rock-It at Work: Embody Professionalism

By | 5 Comments | July 1, 2011

Brazen Account Director Corbin reinforces an important point: staying in shape has great professional benefits. Read »