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Creativity Archives - Brazen Life

Young South African woman overwhelmed by work, telephones and stress.

Could a Messy Desk Be Your Key to Success?

By | No Comments | October 3, 2013

Perhaps organization’s overrated? A recent study suggests that messy office spaces can actually spur innovation. Read »


5 Creative Ways to Think Differently at Work

By | 12 Comments | January 7, 2013

Creativity is a skill we can all learn—but it takes practice. Here’s how to cultivate creativity in your daily routine. Read »

Art Teacher Painting

10 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Creativity

By | 2 Comments | July 31, 2012

Ideas aren’t flowing like they should be? These approaches will help your talent shine through. Read »

Vintage Brazen Post

Creativity and Inspiration: Where Brilliant People Get Their Inspiration

By | No Comments | November 18, 2010

Follow these three simple tips to plug into the creativity that’s driven success stories like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Read »