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How to Fire an Employee You Like (And Not Feel Terrible Afterward)

By | No Comments | October 13, 2014

Firing someone can be hard, and it’s even more difficult when that someone is your friend. Get the job done easier with a little preparation and a lot of honesty. Read »

travel while working

How to See the World While Working: 6 Sweet Jobs That Let You Travel

By | 3 Comments | October 10, 2014

Don’t throw away your extensive travel plans because you need to work. These jobs will let you work from anywhere. Read »

entrepreneur has an idea

Why You Don’t Need Silicon Valley to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

By | 2 Comments | October 9, 2014

Think you need to live in Silicon Valley or NYC with an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur? As it turns out, simply finding a place to call home, along with a smart strategy, is often all it takes. Read »

Sacramento bridge

8 Fun Networking Events in Sacramento You Should Attend

By | No Comments | October 9, 2014

Live in Northern California? Expand your professional and social circles with networking events that will help connect you with new friends – and maybe even new colleagues. Read »


Learning From LeBron: What the NBA Star Can Teach You About Becoming an MVP At Work

By | No Comments | October 8, 2014

What the NBA’s top star can teach you about becoming an MVP at work. Read »

graduate hat

Getting a Job After Your MBA: 5 Skills That Make You More Hireable

By | 1 Comment | October 8, 2014

When you’re fresh out of business school, show off these skills to prove you’re management-level material. Read »


How to Use Gamification to Grow Your Business and Engage Your Employees

By | 3 Comments | October 7, 2014

Want to increase your customers’ loyalty and your employees’ engagement? Try gamification. Here’s how you can implement it now. Read »


5 Easy Networking Tips for Making Connections in a New City

By | No Comments | October 6, 2014

Moved to a new city recently? Making new connections — and friends — can be difficult. These tips will make it easier. Read »

Image: Brazen Lunch-Hour Networking

Work (or Want to Work) in Higher Education? Join Us for This Free Networking Event

By | No Comments | October 6, 2014

No time for face-to-face networking? This online lunch-hour event makes it easy to meet ambitious professionals! Read »

working outside

How a 4-Hour Workweek Can Help You Achieve Your Career Dreams

By | No Comments | October 3, 2014

We’re all busy these days, balancing full-time jobs along with family and friends. But can you create your own four-hour work week to create the career of your dreams? Read »

iphone6 copy

What the iPhone 6 Can Teach You About Standing Out at Work

By | 2 Comments | October 2, 2014

Love Apple and the iPhone? It’s more than an awesome smartphone — it can teach you how to stand out in your career, too. Read »

kiss up to your boss

Does Praise Make You Squirm? Follow These Tips for Saying “Thank You” at Work

By | No Comments | October 2, 2014

If accepting a compliment at work makes you uncomfortable, try simply saying “thank you.” Brushing off praise could make your hard work seem as if it wasn’t actually important. Read »


Hate Your Job? Here are 4 Ways to Love It a Little More

By | 11 Comments | October 1, 2014

Why do you hate your job? Be honest about your problems at the office and stop complaining and you may actually love it a little more. Read »


How to Leverage Your Alumni Network in Your Job Search

By | No Comments | October 1, 2014

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, there’s one resource you’re probably overlooking: alumni. Here’s how you can leverage your network. Read »