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Luke Roney


Luke Roney is the content guy at CareerBliss, an online community dedicated to helping people find happiness at every stage of their careers.

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casual conversation

How to Turn The Dreaded “How’s the Job Search Going?” Question Into Opportunity

By | 2 Comments | July 26, 2013

You may be tempted to deflect any and all questions concerning your slow-moving job search. Instead, use this awkward question as a chance to network even more. Read »


5 Real-Life Resume Blunders You Can Be Glad You Didn’t Make

By | 11 Comments | November 2, 2012

These resume mistakes will make you laugh… so long as you haven’t made them yourself. Read »


The Outsider’s Guide to Working for a Family-Run Business

By | 7 Comments | November 28, 2011

Tips for thriving in a family-run business when you’re not related. Read »