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Ashley Hoffman


Ashley Hoffman is the director of marketing and communications at Brazen Careerist. Prior to Brazen, she spent five years in communications for foreign policy and national security organizations (so if she makes random comments about nuclear weapons policy, just let it go). She is currently lobbying for white board paint and a 5 Hour Energy dispenser in the Brazen office.

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Find a Job at Mashable’s Online Career Expo

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6 Reasons You Won’t Get a Better Job in 2012

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Hey, Recruiters: 5 Tips for Using Social Media to Find Job Candidates

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If ‘Networking’ Makes You Want to Vom, This Post is For You

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The forced interactions, the awkward pauses – the weird guy with the sweaty hands. Networking can be a pain, but here’s how one Brazen staffer changed the way she thought about networking, and how you can too. Read »


The Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship

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What does it take to not just to be your own boss, but to be a truly successful entrepreneur? What qualities are essential for the entrepreneur who wants to start and build a valuable business? Author Bill Murphy Jr. answers these and several other questions about entrepreneurship in his latest book, “The Intelligent Entrepreneur: How […] Read »

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Big Fish to Fish Out of Water: How to Do it Right From Day One

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We’ve all been there: It’s your first day on the job — you’ve sold yourself during the hiring process by telling them you’ll do something great, and surely everyone thinks you’re the best thing to happen to their department since the holiday party got a little too wild… But is it all downhill from here? […] Read »