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Pursuing Sweet Dreams of a Bakery Career (Podcast)

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Paid to Play Podcast

Welcome to another episode of the Paid to Play Podcast! Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first episode last month.

Many of you have a big career goal, and you might feel as though achieving that goal is the only yardstick for success. But just because you haven’t achieved your dream yet doesn’t mean that you can’t live your passion in other ways.

My guest for this episode, Mexican-born chef Vanessa Musi, is well on her way to opening Edit Bakery, Texas’s first gluten-free, sugar-free bakery. In the meantime, she supports her dream by teaching others the art of bakery and acting as a brand ambassador.

Highlights in this episode:

  • How Vanessa gave up psychology to answer her calling in bakery.
  • How pursuit of her craft has taken Vanessa around the world, from five-star restaurants to bed and breakfasts.
  • How Vanessa took a health problem—hypoglycemia—and turned it into a strength by masteing the art of making pastry without sugar or gluten.

For more interviews, check out previous Paid to Play episodes. Enjoy the podcast!

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  • Vanessa Musi


    It is an honor for me to be part of your amazing program and to share my story with the world through your podcast and deep interview. Your questions are real and truly made a shift in my perspective of my life and my business, and so many things have become clearer form this moment.. I love that!! This is definitely a great life experience for me. Cheers to you and to your great interviews and stories that I am sure will change the world!! Thank you for being YOU!!

    You are an inspiration.

    Vanessa Musi

    • Rob F.

      You’re very welcome, Vanessa! I’m just as glad to have had you as a guest on the show, and I’m especially glad that it’s helped you along your way!