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How to Get a Job Like a Superhero (Podcast)

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Recruiting Radio-superhero podcast

In this episode of our Recruiting Radio podcast series, Nando & Charlene add a little levity to your job search by teaching you how to land that perfect job the way your favorite superhero would.

We all wanted to have super powers when we were younger, so why not use that to inspire you in your journey towards landing that perfect role?

Highlights in this episode:

  • Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman—all are awesome. All have the perfect jobs. Get yours by being a little heroic, too.
  • What they did that worked for them and how to make it work for you.
  • Fashion, follow-up and branding tips to land the perfect job.

Enjoy the podcast, and for more info on Nando & Charlene, check out Interviewing U.

**This podcast has been produced in conjunction with Brazen Careerist.


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