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Daring Advice on Jobs and Life from 20-Somethings: Brazen’s New Ebook

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Look what’s available! Brazen’s new ebook!

We’ve called it Brazen Careerist: Daring Advice on Jobs and Life from 20-Somethings.

If you’ve been inspired by the ideas and advice on this blog, you won’t want to miss this. To make it easy for you, it’s available in three formats: on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble

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Published by Tribune Media Services, this guide includes the best of Brazen, a compilation of readers’ favorite posts. After all, who better to help 20-somethings navigate the career landscape than 20-somethings themselves?

Contributors to this ebook are all Millennials like you, ambitious careerists who share your fears, dreams and occasional quirks. They’ve learned a lot – sometimes the hard way – about how to circumvent obstacles and succeed in a challenging (OK, crummy) job market. And they share it all here.

So if you’re ready for an unorthodox, fun-to-read guide that will help you reach your career goals, join us in reading this ebook.

And if you really like what you see, we hope you’ll leave us a review on Amazon. Be Brazen!

Image: Brazen Careerist's ebook

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