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Shut It, Old Woman! Err, I Mean… (#BrazenStuff 1.25.13)

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Happy Friday, Brazenites!

It’s been a big week—the Presidential Inauguration, Hillary Clinton’s explosive testimony in front of Congress, Shetland ponies dressed in Shetland sweaters. (Seriously, you take a look at those pictures and tell me that’s not newsworthy!)

Here to round out your week’s knowledge are some of our favorite career-related reads:

1.  Sick of being treated like you don’t know anything just because you’re young? Two career advice columnists debate the best way to get older coworkers to stop lecturing you.

2.  Can you guess the surprising career where women are more satisfied than men? (We couldn’t!)

3.  Some of these we agree with—who needs physical meter readers when so much can be done online? But are paralegals and office managers really a dying breed? So says this article on seven middle-class jobs being killed by technology.

4.  You may use it a ton for personal amusement, but do you know how to use Pinterest to market your business? Given how rapidly it’s growing, it might be worth learning.

5.  Want to know how to rocket up that corporate ladder? Check out how one 21-year-old fast-tracked her promotion to General Manager at Five Guys.

6.  Proof that it’s never too early to chase that big idea: five inspirational stories of college entrepreneurs.

7.  Ever wonder how the resume evolved…over the past 500 years? If so, then woo boy, have we got an infographic for you!

Have you read anything this week that’s worth passing on? Share it with us in the comments!

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