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Are Business Cards Going the Way of Cassette Tapes? #BrazenStuff 3.16.12

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TGIF Brazen readers!

If you’re in the US, hopefully you’ve had a chance to enjoy these unseasonably warm temperatures that have taken hold in many parts of the country. There’s nothing like an early spring to inspire you to do new stuff. Maybe that means changing jobs or making changes in your office environment. Either way, we’ve got some super awesome reads for you this week:

1. Why I’m proud to be a job hopper

2. How to transform your desk job from a health hazard to fat burning utopia

3. The ethics of unpaid internships

4. An added perk of being ambitious: you’re likely to live longer

5. If you weren’t sure about the importance of networking, you will be after you read this

6. Want to really impress an employer? 5 ways to stand out from the pack

7. Has the Internet killed the business card?



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